WORX , STAND UP POUCH / REFILL , 2Kg, (4.5lb )11-2450


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WORX® Biodegradable Hand Cleaner is renowned for its superior
performance. Since 1994 it has been the hand cleaner of choice in many
industries! Worx® concentrated powder hand cleaner contains no harsh
chemicals, or abrasives is non-allergenic, and pH balanced! Our new
Stand-up Pouch Packaging goes a step further in reducing the C02 Emissions,
carbon footprint, and increasing the savings in storage space and end of life
disposal! Safer on your skin, green certified, environmentally responsible
and cost effective. A little goes a long way!

Wet hands with clean running water. Apply a small teaspoon of powder hand
cleaner to the palm of your hands. Using Fingers scrub product in a circular
motion and watch the soil breakdown. Scrub thoroughly to clean hands for
20 seconds. Rinse hands with clean water re-apply for heavier soiled areas.
Dry hands with a clean towel.

Institutional, Residential, Commercial, Industrial Maintenance,
Transportation, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Construction, Natural
Resources, Environmental Services, Communication Industries and more…

Common Carbon, Brake Dust, Axle Grease, Graphite, Silicone, Printer’s Ink,
Adhesives, Gear Grease, Fresh Paint, Varnishes, Fresh Industrial Coatings,
Industrial Soils, Lube Oils, Coal Dust, Solvent-Based Adhesive Residue, Glue
and more…

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