Tork Matic Green Recycled Hand Towel Roll Advanced H1 – 290076


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The Advanced Tork Matic® green hand towel rolls are thick and absorbent to provide an efficient hand drying. The rolls are suitable for the Tork Matic® Hand Towel Roll Dispenser, developed for easy maintenance in high traffic washrooms. It saves time and controls consumption by one-at-a-time sheet dispensing.

Did you know this Tork Matic® Green Hand Towel Roll Advanced

  • Advanced quality for cost savings and high performance

This product comes in a carton of 6 rolls each 612 sheets

H1 – Hand towel roll system
Roll length
150 m
Roll width
21 cm
Roll diameter
19 cm
Core inner diameter
3.8 cm

W T290076

Additional information

Weight9.5 kg
Dimensions60 × 40 × 25 cm


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