Our Mission

At AGS Direct, we exist to provide essential products to the businesses who are the backbone of Australia. Our team is committed to satisfying returning customers through inspiration with innovation and streamlining yesterdays standards into tomorrows success.

At AGS Direct we value constant improvement. Why? Because no one is perfect, and that is perfectly OK! However, we need to learn from our past practises, processes and products in order to forge ahead. We strive to improve so that you choose to work with us today, tomorrow and well into the future. Let’s grow together!

You, our potential customer, are very special.

You have a superpower.


You have the power to choose! Maybe you understand the importance of your decision. But if you don’t, that’s ok. We want to educate our community on the topic of consumer power and how choosing to spend your dollars with a triple bottom line business will make an impact for years to come.