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How do you know which products are suitable for you? We’ve made it easy! When choosing products for your facilities it’s important to choose wisely. Finding a solution that is smart, reliable and time-saving can prove a challenge. After all, your business is unique!

Find some of our recommendations below to not only help fulfil these criteria but also contribute to reducing the environmental footprint of your place of business.


To build a repeat customer base, expectations need to be exceeded -always. Make things easy for your team by choosing elegant, efficient and low maintenance products.


Educational institutes should inspire. These are places for youth to roam and take initiative within. Stay on top of hygiene and equip your facilities appropriately.


Streamline systems and reduce downtime. Simplify daily tasks by providing consistency every time. We understand you need to focus on what’s important.


Some of us choose to spend more hours at the office than at home… Reflect your company’s identity and ensure a clean workplace to ensure a safe workplace!

How to: Reduce your workplace carbon footprint

Some of our customers are choosing to compost their hand towels either on-site in worm farms, or through commercial composting. By doing so they are creating a movement of heroes that don’t wear capes, but ones that implement changes in their communities while getting on with the day-to-day!

Oh, also they are cutting greenhouse gas emissions (comparable to sending towel to landfill) by UP TO 56%.

Time-saving, efficient and consistent.

Industrial wipers – a better tool for the job

Industrial wipers are engineered for the job. Highly absorbant and durable, wipers provide consistency every time particularly when compared to rags. It’s time to put rags where they belong – in the past!