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Recyclable Soap Cartridges

Dear Business,

Do your bit.

According to a cleanway report, 89% of Aussies believe recycling is important.

But why are we so bad at it?

Turns out, there’s more than to just turfing that bottle in the recycling bin…

Recycling habits are quite new in the grand scheme of things, so it is understandable why mistakes are made and misconceptions created when it comes to what can be recycled. 47% of Aussies think that soft plastics can go in the recycling bin! Should you chuck the greasy pizza box in, it’s cardboard right?! (No, you shouldn’t by the way…)

Household waste is one thing, but what about waste generated at workplace, schools, restaurants or any single one of the public places we all spend our days at? Generally, this is where things slide the most. Chances are you don’t even realise the waste that is generated simply by carrying out a simple task, like washing your hands!

You might not agree with the stats, or you might be thinking “why ARE we so bad?” Put simply, recycling is just not that profitable. To us, that places a lot more responsibility on business operators to choose to provide products to their customers that tick the boxes that need to be ticked now. That means partnering with suppliers that are on the same page and are trying to do good. It’s bloody hard to be perfect, but why not give it a crack?!

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Tork Foam Soap

These cartridges are recyclable. Having said that, check with your waste provider to ensure your local recycling plant can handle them.


If you want to learn more about how a recycling plant operates, check out Terracycle through the link below.