About us

Operating since 1992 our business has been and always will be forever evolving. What hasn’t changed though, is our commitment to customer service and our lust to forge new standards.

Our Mission

At AGS Direct, we exist to provide essential products to the businesses who are the backbone of Australia. Our team is committed to satisfying returning customers through inspiration with innovation and streamlining yesterdays standards into tomorrows success.

Our Vision

Why innovation? Because at AGS Direct we have a passion for being better, doing better. We are building the change that our stakeholders so eagerly want to see in the world. Will you join us?

In Australia, small business makes up 98.4% of all businesses. This makes us proud to be Australian. It also means that by providing innovative, efficient and creative solutions to everyday problems to this inspiring community, we can grow the movement towards greater corporate citizenship for all.

Our Team

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We strive to satisfy. Hear from some of our previous customers about their experience.

The AGS Direct team were extremely helpful and supportive in getting our new facility set up. I had no idea what was required but after a 10 minute call with Angus had worked it all out and had confirmed it could all be here in time for us to install and open our doors. Great customer service and great range!

Sleepcorp – head office & warehouse

Operations Manager