About us

About AGS Direct & our family roots

Established in 2021, AGS Direct was founded with the sole purpose of bringing innovative products direct to the market. In our store you will find products which provide unique solutions to everyday problems with minimal fuss. We specialise in hygiene and cleaning products for a diverse range of customers in commercial buildings, industrial spaces and the hospitality industry.

With almost three great decades at the helm of his own small business in the printing industry, our owner Glenn Maynard recognised the opportunity to give back. Using his hard-earned knowledge and experience Glenn aims to establish lasting relationships with other small business owners by providing them innovative solutions to their everyday problems.

Joining Glenn in this exciting endeavour, is his son Angus Maynard who brings with him a fresh mind and an inspired creative direction. Angus’ passion lies in the concept of providing the market with products which have been exceptionally designed for maximum circularity and efficient functionality.

Meet Angus.